Call for Arts

Get your exhibition, show or event in front of a larger audience

Whether you are a gallery, exhibition or business with an opportunity for artists – whether you need visual artists, performance artists, applied artists or even literary artists, get your call for artists in front of a larger crowd. 

Submission is easy and will be showcased on our site as well as through social media. 

Posting is free – so get in front of more artists, get more applications and make your creative opportunity more successful! 


Find artists, designers, photographers, curators, performers and other creative professionals.

Whether you are hosting a gallery exhibition, event, art fair or business get your artistic opportunity in front of more people.

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A call for arts is an excellent way for businesses to connect with the creative community, both with local and international creative professionals. When distributed properly through the web and social media, awareness for your gallery exhibition, public display, installation or event can increase significant.

With more potential creative professionals applying for your call, you’ll have more options to select from to exhibit.

There are several different categories you can post in (though we do support cross-posting as well for those with opportunities for creatives in different concentrations). We currently display listings for many different mediums and skills. Call for artists for visual artists for painters, illustrators, muralists, sculptors, printers and textiles. Or you can post a call for entry for those in applied arts, such as graphic design, architecture or industrial design.

Call for entries for those in literary arts can include writers, poets or even creative writing. There’s also casting call listings for performance artists such as actors/actress, dancers, musicians, performance artists and vocalists.

Multi-disciplinary artists can include those in film, animators, virtual reality or even documentarians.

If your creative opportunity encompasses one of these artistic mediums or concentrations, we highly encourage listing your call on our site. Listing is always free, and will get your call out on the web and social media. Those looking for added exposure have several different options to choose from: images and graphics to place inside their call, repeated announcements on social media or assistance with the application process – from us receiving applications and compiling them for you.

If you have special requirements, don’t hesitate to reach out to us either. We’re always glad to help!

We look forward to your future call for artists here with us on


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